Governor Numu commits to empower lower governments

Higher governments should be policy-oriented whilst the lower ones do the actual delivery of service. Bottom-up approach in service delivery holds the key for development in PNG.

EHP Governor Peter Numu


Empowering leaders at all levels of government is vital for effective delivery of services to the people in PNG.

It is important for leaders at upper government arm to reach down to the lower governments.

Obviously, they include LLG presidents and ward councillors.

Each layer of government has leaders mandated by the people. He or she has visions to transform his or her governing constituencies.

Thus, it is a good governance practice to reach down and learn, listen and empower them.


Importantly, the National Government, governors and Open MPs should support their visions and aspirations to ensure they deliver goods and services.

In the Eastern Highlands,  Fyantina LLG ward 7 in Henganofi District came alive last week.

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu led his full PEC members with Education Division delegation to the area.

He was there to open Fyantina Mini Market and to announce various education projects for the LLG.


Numu became the first time Governor to have set foot in the area with such commitment.

Thus, a huge crowd turned up to receive them warmly.

Governor Numu commended ward councillor Graham Ofagau for his long-term vision to transform Fyantina Ward 7 into a small station.

“I am ready to support leaders who had vision and was willing to work with him to deliver services to the people,” he said.

Governor Numu called on all ward councilors and the LLG Presidents being present to work together with the local Member.

Therefore, he added projects funded by the provincial government will reach the people.

“I want to ensure the system of government is working and politics must not get in the way.

“If you are ready, you will get money from the provincial government to do work through the government system,” said Numu.


He explained good politics is about making good decisions, service delivery, good policy and law.

“That is to guide people in the right direction, and bad politics is when jealousy, racism, lies and prejudice exit!” he said.

Governor urged the lower government leaders present to refrain from involving in bad politics.


The Governor addressed the big crowd gathered about the progress of their provincial government so far.

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Mr Numu highlighted his provincial government truly intended to serve the people.

“We have placed our administration in order, and we blocked all leakages that dried people’s money for many years.

“Money rightfully that belongs to the people of Eastern Highlands, will now directly reach them via the channels.

“Fix the system first, next you look at ways to grow the money basket of the province bigger,” Governor Numu clarified.

Further, he said that Eastern Highlands is a big province with big population.

As such, the current budget capacity for the province is insufficient to cater for all the need areas.


Hence, Numu said he has revived Nokondi Investment Limited with proper registry and accounting.

Furrher more, he said the PEC established new subsidiary companies.

Rumbia Coffee Export, EHP Corporation Limited and Nokondi Civil Works Limited are to assist in revenue generation.

They are operating under the construction and primary industries.

More money coming into the provincial government Companies will see increase in cash flow, said Numu.

“That’s when the provincial government will have enough money to give service to the people,” he said.


EHPG announced the following Education, Health and Market Projects for Fyantina LLG and Henganofi District.

They will receive funding this year and next year.

  1. Fyantina Primary Day High School is getting K300,000 in 2020 and K500, 000 next year;
  2. Fyantina TVET Center is receiving K300,000 this eyar;
  3. K200,000 in 2020 for Homu SDA High School;
  4. K100 000 in 2021 for Moikepa Primary School;
  5. Kiprega High School will receive K200,000 in 2020;
  6. Koiapa High School will also receive K200,000 this year;
  7. Further K200,000 in 2020 for Kafetina Secondary School;
  8. K30,000 in 2020 for Hagimi Primary School;
  9. K30,000 in 2020 for Negere Primary School;
  10. For PEC Fore Village Court house, K100,000 in 2020;
  11. K2 million in 2021 for Henganofi Main District Market;
  12. K50,000 in 2020 and K200,000 in 2021 for Fyantina Health Centre, and;
  13. K20,000 in 2020 for Fyantina volunteer Health workers.

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The provincial government under Governor Numu is adamant to deliver quality education throughout the province.

Thus, Fyantina LLG is no exception for this drive.

Therefore, education director Wesley Albert announced he would register Fyantina Primary Day High School.

Fyantina Mini Market is the blueprint policy for EHPG to drive agriculture reform in the province.

Three similar establishments are in Asaro, Upper Bena, and West Okapa LLGs.

All branch markets exist as food supply base for main District Markets which SMEs and potential buyers can buy food in bulk.

Nosovere Investment Limited constructed the market in three weeks’ time.

EHPG funded it at a cost of K150, 000.

It will serve 6 of the 11 wards in Fyantina and the travelling public along the newly sealed Fyantina Highway.

Higher governments should be policy-oriented whilst the lower ones do the actual delivery of service.

Bottom-up approach in service delivery holds the key for development.

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