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A high-level meeting was held today to address security issues and challenges in the city.

The meeting was a joint initiative of Police Minister, William Onglo and NCD Governor, Powes Parkop to address petty crimes and other security challenges as a result of the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the economy and other causes.

It came as a follow-up of the earlier meeting that was held last week by the Governor and NCD Police Command following a workshop held for three weeks by NCD and Central Province Police to develop a strategic security plan for NCD and Central Province.

“Police can no longer operate on an one-size-fit-all approach where Police Headquarters in Konedobu prescribe strategies and operations plans for the entire country.

“The time for such an approach to policing and securing security and safety in the country is over. Police will now work with the provinces and districts to develop strategies and intervention tailored specifically to meet the conditions of the particular security challenges of each Province,” Minister Onglo made these policy and strategy overview during the meeting with Governor Parkop and the other political leaders and police command in the city this morning at Police Headquarters Konedobu to develop a solid partnership with the city.

Governor Parkop and Minister Onglo were joined by member for Moresby North West Hon. Lohia Boe Samuel, member for Moresby North East Hon. John Kaupa, Minister for Housing and Urban Development and member for Moresby South Hon. Justin Tkatchenko, Deputy Governor and Chairman for Motu Koita Hon. Dadi Toka Jnr, City Manager Mr. Bernard Kipit, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu and ACP NCD-Central Anthony Wagambi Jnr during the productive meeting.

Minister Onglo also in his opening remarks emphasized that law and order is everybody’s responsibility and needs collective effort and a new paradigm approach as police on their own cannot resolve and deliver standards of security our people and country deserve.

In reply, Governor Parkop welcomed the paradigm shift announced by the Minister and pledged the entire support of the city to work with the Minister and Police Commssioner to pilot this new strategy in the city and ensure its success.

Governor Parkop stated that under his leadership, the safety and security of the city is a major priority for him and the NCDC.

“Our vision is to have a safe, secure and peaceful city as we recognize that nothing will be successful without peace, safety and security. Without security and safety, all that we have done in terms of developments, what we have gained from all our resource developments and services we provide will come to nothing. People won’t be able to access the government services when they feel insecure,”said Governor Parkop.

Governor Parkop pledged to give safety and security his highest priority in the city’s budget in 2022 and called on all the Members of Parliament in the city to do the same as well including the Motu Koitabu Assembly.

The meeting considered representations made by all leaders present including ACP Wagambie, Metsup Ikumu and the various plans that have been formulated in the last four weeks and agreed to incorporate these and other initiatives into a Memorandum of Agreement to secure the partnership to implement this paradigm approach. Emphasis in this respect was placed on involving the communities in the city to secure policing and security and the utilization of advance technology towards this end.

It was agreed that a draft of the MOU would be made available this week and the final draft to be signed next week.

“Through this partnership, we will look into setting up simple and practical goals that is achievable where Police presence is visible on the ground in every community within the city. This template will serve as an example for the other provinces so it’s very important that we ensure success so other provinces can learn or improve from it,” said Minister Onglo.


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