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 Toropo to be posted as new High Commissioner to New Zealand.



PNG Cabinet has revoked the appointment of PNG Defense Commander, Major-General Gilbert Toropo and replaced him with Colonel Mark Goina, Defense Minister, Solan Mirisim announced today in a media statement.

Toropo was instead appointed as the new High Commissioner to New Zealand. The serving head of army is yet to make a public statement on this announcement.

That means Toropo will no longer serve as the Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defense Force, said Minister Mirisim.

His announcement stemmed from a National Executive Council decision which revoked the appointment of Major General Toropo upon recommendations from the Defense Council.

In a prepared media statement, he said: “The Defense Council met on the 15th of December 2021 and recommended to NEC that the Commander of PNGDF Major General Toropo Contract of Employment will lapse on the 13th of June 2022 which will be months past his retirement age of 60. The CDF will turn 60 on 4th of April 2022.

Upon carefully consideration of the expiration of the Contract of Employment of the CDF in the middle of the 2022 National General Election, the Defense Council made necessary orders to retire the Commander,” he said.

The Department of Personal Management as required under the Public Service Management Act gave notice dated the 13th of December 2021 on the cessation of the CDF Contract of Employment between himself and the State.

This is his second term in office of the Commander and given his age, he will not be eligible for reappointment, when his term expires in June of 2022, he said.

“The Defense Council also recommended that NEC approves to advise the Head of State to revoke the appointment of the CDF effective from the date of gazettal of this decision; noting the Public Service Commission has been consulted with requirement of the constitution.

Furthermore, the Defense Council recommended to NEC to re-deploy and appoint Major General Toropo as the new High Commissioner to New Zealand for a period of four (4) years.

The Defense Council, he said, also recommended to NEC to approve and appoint Colonel Siale Diro as Defense attached to Australia.

“Finally, the Defense Council has recommended to NEC to approve and promote Colonel Mark Goina as Brigadier General of the PNG Defense Force and promote Colonel Goina as Major General and Commander of the PNG Defense Force for a period of four (4) years effective on and from the date of the gazettal appointment.”



  1. Yang December 23, 2021

    Dear Reporter,

    Your headline is misleading. “Army” is part of the Defence force, with comprises of “Army”, “Airforce” and “Navy”. To me and other readers, we would think there is a new Army commander but reading the full story, I can understand that there is a new Defence Force commander. Headline is a summary of the full story so please get this right.

    1. By STAFF REPORTERS December 25, 2021

      Dear reader,

      Thank you for your feedback on our story. In journalism, headlines used are most common words used amongst common people. We do not use more technical words. We write for our simple readers. We do not discriminate. Defense force is most expensive than army so we used it. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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