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The Catholic Church’s archbishop of Port Moresby Cardinal Sir John Ribat was jabbed this afternoon with AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine at the National Football Stadium.

Sir John is amongst some 1500 health workers and others who have taken the dose.https://www.ruptly.tv/en/videos/20210330-037-Papua-New-Guinea–PM-receives-AstraZeneca-vaccine-in-Port-Moresby

Sir John was speaking to media after he got the dose.

Cardinal Sir John Ribat said he was feeling well and was not feeling any side effects.

Him taking the dose gives confidence to Catholic faithfuls and others to follow him.

Ribat took the dose amidst PNG battling misinformation, uncertainty and resistance to the roll-out of the National Covid-19 vaccination program.https://pngsun.com/2021/04/13/sinopharm-covid-19-vaccine-on-hold/

Taking the vaccine will give confidence to the people so the Government breaks barriers to advance anti-pandemic efforts in the country, he said.

“We are experiencing a lot of difficulties here in relation to the vaccine. People are saying many things and others are buying into it. I have to say what I am feeling so I got the vaccine. I am confident about what I am receiving,” Cardinal Sir John Ribat said on what motivated him to get the dose.

Further, he said he looked at the positive side of the vaccines and not the negative.

“I am taking it because it will help my (body) system to resist or an immune system that is stronger to attack the virus when it enters my body. That is why I took it,” he said.

Further more, he said its advantages were far better than negative side effects.

It is out of love that Australia donated 8,000 vaccines for frontliners, he said.

“Australia has done it out of care and love. Its people were generous enough. They did not want us to suffer and left us. Our health system was not able to cope with the infection rate.


Finally, he appeals his ‘brothers and sisters’ in the church to join him and get the dose.


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