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PNG Prime Minister, James Marape says Papua New Guinea must make full use of the opportunities presented by climate change talks. At the same time, he said they should address issues it has brought upon our communities in the region and globally.

The Prime Minister said this during his speech, presented by Minister for Conservation Environment Protection Agency Wera Mori, at the launch of PNG’s implementation plans for climate change.

PNG Government launched four important roadmaps in the climate change space.

They do not only include the PNG Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Implementation Plan 2021 – 2030 and Climate Change NDC Regulations 2021. But also, it includes two NDC Sector Roadmaps for Energy, Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Use.

Members of Parliament, sector representatives and development partners witnessed the launch on Friday (08.10.21) in Port Moresby.

We must make use of this momentous opportunity to prove to our people. It is imperative that we take climate change seriously. That is to assume a better quality of life, health and environment to our present and future generations. Enough of talking; we need more action.”

Prime Minister revealed that Papua New Guinea is among the first countries, which submitted its Enhanced National Determined Contributions to the United Nations last year.

He said: “I am pleased that PNG is part of the drive to the ambition to reach the global goal. That is to keep the temperature below 2 degrees-Celsius.

“Last year, we submitted the Enhanced National Determined Contributions to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is, the steps to take up against climate change.


“PNG completed ratification of the Paris Agreement in 2016. We will continue to take concrete actions towards its implementation.
“At the heart of the Paris agreement are our NDC. This ensures that countries play their part in limiting temperature rise to below 2 degrees.

“They are the business and investment plans to drive the transition to a lower emission. That is for a more climate resilient global economy into the green economy space.

“Any plan can only be as good as its implementation. PNG is committing to a target of carbon neutrality within the industry subsector by 2030.

“We will achieve this by implementing the actions under the ENDC Implementations Plan 2021 to 2030. Actions include in Land Use, Land use chains and Forestry.

“PNG commits to a reduction in annual emission from deforestation and forest degradation. That is due to agricultural expansion and commercial logging of 10,000 giga-grams of carbon compared to 2015 level.

“Emissions from the land sector, primarily in agriculture and forestry account for around 20% of global emissions and are currently growing rapidly.

“The land sector also presents some of our most complex adaptation challenges as well. The initiative PNG is taking ensuring the NDCs entails implementation plan in the 10-year period, will support the government in reaching its target.


“I joined my other Small Island Developing States to make the call for collective efforts from the big emitters, the developed nations, to fight the biggest current threat to our environment,” he said in his recent statement delivered at the 76th UNGA,.

“I will continue to echo the much-needed sense of urgency and commitment. Enough off talking and we need more action.
“Going into Glasgow, we need to work together to restore our eco-systems.

“PNG is committed in working to ensure that we keep to the Paris Agreement goal. The goal is to keep it 1.5degree Celsius reachable.

“We believe that mobilizing resources and forging partnerships is key to actions. we should take locally to fully implement the Paris agreement.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged the support from all development partners in the climate change action space including the United Nations Development Program, the Global Green Growth Institute, and others.


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