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Foreigners who operate retail businesses in Papua New Guinea should not work at the cash registry or as shop assistant.

Chief Migration Officer, Mr. Stanis Hulahau issued this warning in light of his officers who caught some foreign national red-handed. https://pngsun.com/governor-numu-commits-to-empower-lower-governments/

Immigration enforcement officers and Police apprehended seven foreign nationals over the weekend at retail shops at 9-Mile, Erima and Boroko in Port Moresby. They caught them red-handed sitting at the cash registry and serving customers. The officials fined all of them K5,000 each for breaching their visa conditions under the Migration Act.

“We want to educate our people so they must report to authorities if they see foreign nationals operating cash registry and working as shop assistant,” Mr Hulahau says. “Reserved jobs are for Papua New Guineans and not for a non-citizen.

Additionally, foreign nationals, he said, should work in specialized skilled jobs and in senior managerial positions at retail outlets. The specialized jobs, he said, were the set requirements and conditions under their entry permits.


Further, he said, engaging them as security guards, cashier, shop assistant or cleaners are in breach of their visa conditions.

“It frustrates me to hear reports that foreign retail owners are working as cashiers. They have been doing that for sometimes. They taught they would profit from the lack of compliance from government authorities. Foreign nationals would not do this time under my watch,” Mr Hulahau warned.

“I am happy that people are starting to come out and report issues. Issues include breaches in foreign employment, visa discrepancies and over stayers. Our frustrated people are willing to report but they need authorities to take action. That is what our officers are exercising under my leadership,” the CMO says.

Furthermore, he said the Migration Act prohibited foreign nationals to occupy jobs reserved for PNG nationals.

Mr Hulahau reminded foreign nationals that his office issued their visa for specific jobs. They should not come down to perform roles nationals can do, he said. https://uk.practicallaw.thomsonreuters.com/w-007-1171?transitionType=Default&contextData=(sc.Default)&firstPage=true


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