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Referral pathways are doubtful for victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Sorcery Accusations Related Violence (SARV) as GBV and SARV perpetrators implicated are still enjoying impunity in the country.

Activist Ruth Kissam Tindiwi revealed this sad reality when commenting on two SARV incidents in Kagua-Erave, Southern Highlands and Laigap-Porgera, Enga.

“Alot of my friends, colleagues and Journalists knowing I am in the Highlands, have been trying to reach me regarding the torture of women in Enga and Southern Highlands Province respectively on allegations of Sorcery Accusations Related Violence (SARV). I get it that people want a statement from Ruth Kissam but to be frank with you all, I am too emotionally and psychologically drained to be “making” statements,” an emotional Tindiwi wrote on her Facebook wall.

Reiterating her call on the National Government to take full responsibility over the issue, she said he had enough of advocating and rescuing GBV and SARV victims.

She said the issue instead had become their ‘personal business.’

“I am too tired to be saying the same thing over and over and not getting the results we need. So to my friends, journalists and colleagues tagging me of this horrific and horrendous crime, please don’t take it personal if I do not respond. Mi pilim pen long lewa na bun bilong mi weak (my heart is broken and psychologically unstable) to be part of another rescue operation where we are not getting the justice we deserve.

“Pathways are not clear, the SARV-NAP (National Action Plan) is collecting dust even though Department of Justice and Attorney-General tries to do everything within its power to make it work. Money paid into Department of Community Development for the work evaporates into thin air and struggling, police need money, fuel and vehicles to rescue women and prosecute offenders and Human Rights Defenders keep putting their lives on the line rescuing and repatriating women. The sad thing is, even after all the trouble we go to see survivors to safety, there is no justice for them at all,” she said.

“So, this is my rant and again, it’s just words and that’s all I can do – rant and rave and go on working brokenhearted because lives keep getting destroyed and justice is elusive.

“The remains of Kepari Leniata on the day of her burial who to this day has never gotten justice for her death. Her killers are still at large even though 84 of them were arrested, none were prosecuted. It will be 9 years come February 6th 2023 since her horrific death and just like others preceding her, the killers are still enjoying life while these lives are lost.”


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