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No care-taker Government: full Cabinet will be functional until the Return of Writs.



Days before the Issue of Writs for the General Elections, the Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, Wera Mori was sacked in a Cabinet reshuffle announced today.

Prime Minister, James Marape also announced the reshuffle of Minister for Justice, Bryan Kramer to Immigration, Minister for Provincial Affairs, Pila Niningi to Justice, and Minister for Immigration, Wesley Nukundj to Provincial Affairs.

Mori’s decommissioning follows his resignation from the ruling Pangu Pati to lead another political party.

“I was tasked by the Pangu Pati Caucus, as well as the Pangu Pati Council, to give the portfolio to a member of the party,” PM Marape said.

“The Hon. Wera Mori, of his own accord, has chosen to move away from Pangu Pati.

“His portfolio will be passed on to a member of the Pangu Party, in this instance, Daulo MP Hon. Pogio Ghate.

“I will also be bringing in Pangu Pati member and Sohe MP, Hon. Henry Amuli, into Cabinet sometime next week.

“This will be following the burial of our Pangu strongman, Minister for Commerce and Industry and Goilala MP, Hon. William Samb.

“Their swearing in will be done next week following the burial of late Hon. William Samb.”

PM Marape said Cabinet would be functional during the period of the 2022 General Election, which starts on April 28, right up to when writs were returned and a new government was formed.

“There will not be any Caretaker Government,” he said.

“Cabinet will be functional all the way up until the writs are returned, and then there will be a Caretaker Cabinet.”

“This is nothing to do with their performances,” he said.

“They have performed very well in their respective portfolios but as a whole-of-Government, especially in this transitional period leading up to the elections, we made these changes.”

PM Marape thanked Mori for serving his Government as Minister for Commerce and Industry, and then Environment Conservation and Climate Change, where he was his Special Envoy to the COP26 Conference in Glasgow last year.


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