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Prime Minister and Tari-Pori MP, James Marape says his Pangu Pati-led Government has not failed the people of Papua New Guinea over the last three years.

He said this in Tari, Hela last Friday when launching the Pangu National Campaign in front of a massive crowd of thousands of people.

Pangu Party supporters in Tari last Friday. Photo: PM’s Office

The people marched with the Prime Minister, Hela Governor Hon. Philip Undialu and Komo-Margarima MP Hon. Manasseh Makiba through Tari to the main grandstand.

The cheering crowd gave their favorite son their blessings, through a standing ovation, to travel the length and breadth of PNG and campaign for Pangu.

A day earlier, last Thursday, a huge crowd also converged on Tari to see PM Marape and Governor Undialu nominate.

Pangu President Erigere Singin and General-Secretary Morris Tovebae were also there to witness the momentous occasion.

PM Marape and wife Rachael with National Pangu Pati President, Erigere Singin. Photo: PM’s Office

“We have not failed the people of Papua New Guinea over the last three years,” PM Marape said.

“The economy was in a mess when we took over Government, and put it back on the right road, which Pangu saw in 1975.

“When I resigned from the Peter O’Neill regime in 2019, other likeminded leaders also resigned, including Governor Undialu, Southern Highlands Governor Hon, William Powi and 26 other MPs, to change Government.”

PM Marape reminded his people that he was there not only to serve them but the whole country.

“We Hela people are known for sharing,” he told them.

“We share in such a way that the whole country benefits.

“Papua New Guinea now knows the meaning of ‘Hulukumaiya’ – someone who shares equally among all people.”

PM Marape said so much had happened in Hela under the leadership of Governor Undialu, who had worked hard to complete outstanding projects under the leadership of former Governor Hon. Anderson Agiru, who passed away in 2016.

“This includes the magnificent Hulukumaiya Haus, which will be opened later this year, and which will house the provincial administration,” he said.

“The Provincial Government in Hela must continue to function effectively, hence, I ask you to return Governor Undialu.”

PM Marape thanked the people of Tari-Pori for their “love and support” to him over the last 15 years.

“I acknowledge and thank every one of you who are here today,” he told the people.

“It is on the back of this support that I have become Prime Minister

“You have held me as your MP starting in 2007, 2012 and 2017 and in 2022 you continue to support me.

“My wife Rachael and I, and our children, thank the people of Tari-Pori for your love and support over the last 15 years.”


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