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The politics in New Ireland is far from over as local leaders continue to throw mud at each other in light of looming elections in April.

In a press release, Kavieng MP and National Alliance Party stalwart, Ian Ling-Stuckey took a swipe at the ‘last man standing’ campaign by People’s Progress Party leader and Governor Sir Julius Chan.

“A future provincial government and an expanding economy in New Ireland cannot rely on the last man standing and a man also seeking a last term in Parliament,” he said in a media statement today.

” What can Julius Chan possibly do for Kavieng and Namatanai with only a final 5-year term, if he decides to contest the upcoming election.”

“Even if a miracle happens and he returns for another five years, there is no guarantee he will even make it to the end because the old man will be nearly 100 years old!”

The future of New Ireland province and seeking a younger, more educated and energetic leader to lead the NIPG, has become an addictive topic with the looming elections just four months away, he said.

” New Irelanders are understandably concerned that Chan’s health and more importantly, his ability to recall and disect critical issues at the LLG level have been failing rapidly of late.”

“His recent threats that PPP would change and form the Government in 2022 and then the national budget, is a classic case in point.

” Every single PPP member of Parliament has deserted Chan, accept for one, so he is now only a two-member party! His halucinating and obviously can no longer comprehend that he needs 56 to form government.” said the Treasurer.

“With Chans failure to properly aquit over K400 million in Lihir Royalty monies in the past 15 years presumed missing, failure to rebuild infrastructure for classrooms and aid posts, failure to maintain and seal the west coast highway from Lavolai in Kavieng and Palabong in Namatanai, failure to generate economic growth for household incomes, new irelanders are scouting for a younger, more reliable and relevant provincial government,” said Kavieng MP.


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