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Prime Minister, James Marape today justified that no indication of performance led to a Cabinet reshuffle with six ministerial portfolios being rotated.

“The reshuffle was no indication of the performance of the ministers rotated, and gave them the opportunity to be exposed to other sectors of work,” PM Marape said in a media statement.

This is in the wake of Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce and Industry Minister, Sam Basil and Defence Minister, Solan Mirisim being restored back to full office by their respective leadership tribunals recently.

The announcement was made as the National Executive Council (NEC) prepares for its first meeting of 2022 on Wednesday this week (January 12, 2022).

“In the reshuffle, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Sam Basil, who has just come out of a Leadership Tribunal, remains as DPM and takes over the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure,” PM Marape said.

“Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Hon. William Samb, takes over the Ministry of Commerce and Industry from Hon. Basil.

“Civil Aviation Minister, Hon. Seki Agisa, has been moved to Correctional Services.

“Correctional Services Minister, Hon. Win Daki, has been moved to Defence.

“Defence Minister, Hon. Solan Mirisim, who has also come out of a Leadership Tribunal, has been moved back to Forests.

“Forests Minister, Hon Walter Schnaubelt, has been moved to Civil Aviation.”

“With the elections coming up soon, I will be at work to assist ministers to do their work so the Executive Government is functioning right through the election period,” he said.


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