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Non-repayment of ‘dinao moni’ has left an in-law allegedly killed by lender.

The habit of borrowing money or ‘Dinau Moni’ as many in PNG say, from informal lenders or ‘loan sharks’ could lead to disastrous ending for some.

And also, the law may not be on the lender’s side either.

A man from Hela province, who earns his living through an informal lending, will now face trial at the National Court for allegedly murdering his in-law over non-payment of his ‘dinau moni’.

The accused Moses Wai, 42, from Hoip village in Tari, Hela Province was committed to stand trial by a Waigani Committal Court Magistrate today for the alleged murder of Solomon Toivita, who is his in-law. Toivita hails from the Kukipa village in Malalaua in the Gulf province.

The accused is married to the deceased family and at the time of allegation, he was residing with the deceased relatives.

Police alleged that sometime in March 2015, the deceased borrowed some money from the Defendant and promised to pay back in a fortnight’s time. However, after two (2) weeks’ time, the deceased did not repay the money.

The accused continuously reminded the deceased but he did not repay the money. The deceased deliberately delayed and refused to repay the money borrowed.

Police added that the accused even reported the matter to police but the deceased did not turn up at the police station and that really infuriated the accused.

On 15th January 2020, the accused went to where the deceased was and chopped him three (3) times on his body with a bush knife resulting in the instant death of the deceased.

Soon after killing, the accused went into hiding but was captured by members of the police at Buswara in NCD on the 19th January 2020. He was charged with willful murder under Section 299(1) of the Criminal Code Act.

Waigani Committal Court, Magistrate Paul Nii, when delivering his ruling on sufficiency of evidence, ruled that evidences directly pin pointed the accused.

“All the police witnesses correctly linked the accused to the allegation, the time, location and weapon used,” Magistrate Nii stated.

He said the accused in his record of interview and statement to police admitted that he chopped the deceased because of frustrations over non-repayment of his money owed by the deceased.

“The accused admission on the record of interview and statement to police collaborates all the state witness statements and thus, it is my ruling under Section 95(1) of the District Court Act that evidence is sufficient to make a case against the Defendant,” Magistrate Nii said and referred the accused to the National Court to face trial.


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