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Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Paradise Company Limited (PCL), James Rice is stepping down over family reasons.

CEO James Rice. Photo: Janet Roth

Chairman of PCL Board of Directors, Anthony Smare made this announcement today.

The news surfaced in a span of days, following the resignation of PNG Power Limited’s CEO Flagon Bekker. Bekker resigned because of family reasons as well. https://pngsun.com/2021/06/27/png-power-boss-bekker-resigns/

Mr Smare said Rice was stepping down for family reasons.

Much-adored CEO Mr Rice will be leaving PNG in July for the United States of America where he will reunite with his family.


Sadly, the news is true. I was stuck between a country I love and my family. I will be stepping down from my role as CEO of the Paradise group of companies so that I can return to the US.

“The pandemic has left me separated from my friends and family since the beginning. That situation probably has another year to go.

Screenshot of Rice’s comment on his stepping down.

“I have loved every minute spent in PNG, and everyone that I have encountered. Wherever I have gone in PNG, I have been greeted by friendly people. Leading Paradise and Laga has been a tremendous honor.

“I will remain involved with the company and continue to work for the Board of Directors on strategy, business development, and new markets.

“Leaving PNG will be sad for me, but I’m happy not to be losing my connection with the country, the company, and all the friends I have made here,” Rice wrote on LinkedIn. https://png.embassy.gov.au/pmsb/1.html


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