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A pastor has gone missing since January 12, 2022 after Indonesian security forces had arrested him at the Serambakon TNI and Polri Post in Star Mountain Regency of West Papua.

The head of Oskop District said in a press statement that it was alleged that the Indonesian security forces have shot dead Pastor Elias Kalakmabin.

“The servant of God (Pastor) named Elias Kalakmabin was lost in the hands of Birimob Seramkatop, and has not been found until now. Elias went missing on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 10:00 am, after being arrested at the Serambakon TNI and Polri Post, ” the head of Okop District said.

The head of Oskop District, who wants to remain anonymous for security and safety reasons, alleged that after being detained, he was tortured and beaten.

“Elias tried to run away but TNI POLRI chased and attacked him with gunfire. The location of the pursuit had no place to take cover such as rocks and trees, so it is suspected that they chased him and shot him dead,” he said.

He said at the time of this incident, he went to the TNI and Polri posts to ask for permission to look for victim but was not allowed to.

“I repeatedly asked for permission but the TNI and Polri did not allow it. The TNI and Polri said they were looking for him,” he said.

The pastor’s family and the District Head have urged the Indonesian National Police to show the whereabouts of Pastor Elias.

According to the district head, he was an ordinary civilian who did not know anything about the TPNPB, military wing of West Papua Freedom movement.

The Indonesian security forces are expected to make a statement on this allegation.


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