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□ PM Marape prefers debate with O'Neill at UPNG or Unitech



Prime Minister, James Marape has challenged People’s National Congress (PNC) leader and former PM Peter O’Neill, and his supporters to show to the country what they have done for Lae and Papua New Guinea during eight years in office from 2011-2019.

He threw the challenge when addressing a massive crowd of thousands of Pangu Pati supporters at Niall Reserve in Lae on Friday (May 27 2022) when launching the 2022 General Election campaign of Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. John Rosso.

In a media statement, PM Marape dared O’Neill to take him on in a live public debate to show what he had done during his eight-year term.

“I ask People’s National Congress supporters to show what they have done for Lae City and the rest of the country over eight years,” he said.

“You may have done something in Port Moresby but not in many parts of the country.

“You (PNC) were in power for eight years; Give Pangu five more years, on top of the three we have already served, and you will see what we will achieve.

“I am willing to debate with the former prime minister (O’Neill) at either University of PNG or University of Technology.

“I will bring my three years to the table, O’Neill will bring any three years to his table, where we will talk about inflation, loans, and what we have achieved.

“Pick any three years and I will debate with you on the statistics of Pangu delivering in three hard years as compared to your three good years.

“In three hard years, we have stabilised the country well, repaid outstanding debts, are putting the country back on the right road, getting more value for our resources, are paying children’s school fees, are putting medicine in hospitals, and are building roads all over the country and not only Port Moresby.

“Do not tell lies to the people: Over eight years, you have filled your own pockets, while forgetting the little people of the country.

“People of Lae and Morobe: I am willing to debate with the former prime minister (O’Neill) anytime.

“In my three years, we have held inflation under 5.5 per cent; over eight years, his inflation was at six to seven per cent.

“Over eight years, he has not given you any tax rebate or support.”

PM Marape said his Government was now subsidising fuel prices, and over the next month, prices would start dropping.

He said 10 per cent Goods and Services Tax (GST) on basic items such as soap, rice, tinned fish and cooking oil would be done away with.

PM Marape said low wage earners of K17,500 annually and below would have their income tax done away with.


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