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NCD and Central Command police have intercepted what could have been a retaliation against Baruni villagers by a group of men from Hela.

Metropolitan Superintendant, Gideon Ikumu in a media statement this evening said: “14 men armed with bush knives were arrested by police today, along the back road connecting Hanubada and Baruni villages.”

The suspects, he said, all from Hela province were travelling in a Toyota Land Cruiser when they were stopped by police, and taken into custody.

Police, he said, will charge them for being in possession of offensive weapons.

Police kept surveillance when tensions swelled over the death of a Baruni man recently, he said.

Angry villagers caused a rampage and indiscriminately attacked motorists before looting a shop belonging to a Highlands family, he said.

He said two cars were also taken away from their owners and burnt.

Mr Ikumu said police kept surveillance today and successfully intercepted this armed group.

He said they would be charged for being in possession of offensive weapons.

The Met-Supt said other charges may apply as well in the course of the investigation process.

Mr Ikumu warned the warring factions embroiled in this conflict to refrain from causing further violence.

He said the police are monitoring the situation very closely and they will respond accordingly when there is a breach of peace and good order.


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