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□ Makiba appointed as Transport Minister



Prime Minister, James Marape today congratulated the Member for Lae and, Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, Hon. John Rosso, on his appointment as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

PM Marape said the appointment was made to honour and pay respects to the life and work of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, and Member for Bulolo, the late Hon. Sam Basil, who died on 12 May in a tragic motor vehicle accident in Morobe Province.

In a statement PM Marape said Minister Rosso is a senior leader from Morobe Province and Member for Lae City, the most important “economic” city in the country.

Importantly, Honourable Rosso has performed his duties as a minister of state very well and in respect to Deputy Prime Minister, late Honourable Basil, it is fitting to return the portfolio to Morobe Province

Honourable Rosso is a hardworking Member of Parliament and a senior Pangu leader, who has the political and personal attributes to replace Basil. In this context, we are making him the Deputy Prime Minister as he retains his Lands portfolio.

PM Marape.

“Also, and just as importantly, because there must never exist a vacancy in the Deputy Prime Minister’s office in case something happens to the Prime Minister or in the absence of the Prime Minister,” said PM Marape.

The Prime Minister also took the opportunity to thank the family of the late Basil for their understanding in how it cooperated in the handling of the funeral arrangements including the replacement of Basil’s portfolio as immediately as possible soon after the burial.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Marape also announced the appointment of Hon. Manasseh Makiba as the new Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

“By the same token, we are bringing in Hon. Manasseh Makibah to Cabinet as soon as possible. He has been on the flanks in the last three years and has been an instrumental part of the change of government that took place in 2019.

“Hon. Makiba has always been a team player who has allowed others to take precedence before him. There is now a vacancy in the portfolio. While time is not there to do new things, there needs to be ministerial oversight and he steps into the Transport and Infrastructure portfolio to have that oversight as we go into elections,” said PM Marape.

Both leaders of Parliament were sworn in today at Government House.


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