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A delay in police investigation file of the killing of his toddler sons by a 29-year-old father, has forced Waigani Committal Court to adjourn its hearing to June 10.

Metropolitan Police arrested and charged Dave Benjamin Gau for double murder. https://pngsun.com/2021/05/10/father-charged-for-killing-sons/

Gau comes from Tigawi Niura village in Wosera-Gawi district of East Sepik.

Police statement says he allegedly committed the crime on April 27, 2021 at their rental home in Morata One Suburb in Port Moresby.

The family before the incident

Magistrate Tracy Ganaii recently read the murder charges to him.

Gau allegedly stabbed his sons Shane and Ethan to death. The incident happened inside the house when their mother Elsie Rentia stepped out following a domestic disagreement.

In addition, the police report states the couples tied knot in 2014 when Elsie was expecting the first born Shane.

A year later, they separated and reunited in December 2015.

Their marriage was not stable as they reseperated the following year. Elsie was living with her parents until 2017.

Furthermore, the pregnancy of Ethan forced them to live together again in 2018.

In mid 2019, the father told them to leave the house so she rejoined her parents with the children.

The passing of Gau’s mother prompted him to have her returned with assistance on funeral and burial.

The report continues Gau would change his behavior but he never did.

It went onto saying the kids became subject of Gau’s argument with Elsie.

Gau works with Digitech while Rentia works with the US Embassy.

Neighbours disarmed Gau when he was about to stab himself after killing the children. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-paul-reinhart-sons-brody-rex-dead-murder-suicide-gainesville-florida-20210504-3q5h7xsp7vba5mx6mtgzddteyy-story.html


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