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The National Government, Wafi-Golpu Mine developers, landowners and other key stakeholders are planning to stage a further consultation meeting to help finalise a mine development contract.

Prime Minister, James Marape wants a more transparent development forum to affirm their benefits when the mine comes on board.

PM Marape urged all stakeholders to come together in the development forum. The forum, he said, will help them formalise a mine development contract which captures all their concerns.

He was addressing Wafi-Golpu Stakeholders Update meeting today at Mumeng Lutheran Church Hall in Bulolo District, Morobe.

“ The development forum, SML and MDC process is a National Government programme. But our Pangu-led Government’s policy involves Provincial Government, Districts, LLGs and Council wards, and most importantly all landowners. I have given approval for this development forum process to be open and transparent. It must embrace all stake holder views,” PM Marape said.


“I assure Morobe Provincial Government, Morobe leaders and people that this Pangu-led Government is pro-landowner. We are fighting for more benefits for our people and country so we must all support the project.”

PM Marape pointed to what his Government secured for the new Porgera as an example for what can be done for landowners and provincial governments.

“Pangu Pati and Government, under my leadership, will pass back minimum one-third of all benefits to provincial governments and landowners. That is just like we did for Porgera and OK Tedi, ” he said.

” So work with the present Government to secure your benefit. You do not know what future will be like.”


Prime Minister Marape assured landowners from all impact areas his government duly takes note, saying a proper forum will affirm their benefits.

Concerns include waste discharge areas including deep sea and all supporting infrastructure areas.

LMO and SML areas expressed their concerns for environment, greater benefits, business spin-offs and others.

PM Marape also told joint-venture partners Harmony and Newcrest to respond to Government positions submitted earlier.

He pointed to the fact that the 1991 Mining Act would be used for the Wafi-Golpu project.

“But by 2025, the nation would go into a new mining regime as I indicated in Brisbane. That was in early 2020 when I met mining and petroleum industry members.

“The Government is ready to issue SML, if all the negotiations we doing with all local parties are complete. That is if there is good response to the State Negotiation Team’s position paper already given to both Newcrest and Harmony,” he said.


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