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Reiterating his government’s commitment to fighting corruption, PM Marape has encouraged whistleblowers to expose allegations of corruption in government. https://pngsun.com/2021/08/19/pm-marape-commits-to-revive-swf/

He reiterated his government’s commitment in Parliament on Friday.

PM Marape was answering a question from Ungai-Bena MP, Benny Allan.

The question related to alleged cases of corruption and inefficiency within the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.

In his question, Allan cited an internal audit report leaked by a whistleblower.

It claimed “systematic corruption” was rampant within the department and others too.

PM Marape, on behalf of Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Hon. Tomait Kapili, welcomed such a question by the Ungai-Bena MP.

He also urged Allan to put his question in writing to Minister Kapili and himself. The letter should, he said, accompany a copy of the internal audit report, for an investigation into the allegations.

I give you my full assurance that we will look into these issues raised by the Ungai-Bena MP.

“When corruption happens within the government system, it is something we must address. And in this instance, I commend the whistleblower for bringing out these issues.

“I assure that Whistleblowers Act 2020 protect the whistleblower. I encourage such whistle blowing to go on so that we can fight corruption.

“Corruption is corruption. I thank the whistleblower for this report. It has already been given to police. But, they have not addressed it, resulting in the MP (Allan) bringing it to Parliament.

“Police should immediately address reported cases of corruption. They should not just leave complaints collecting dust. ”

PM Marape said his Government had passed the Whistle Blowers Act. In addition to this, he said they also established the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC).

We, leaders, are also under scrutiny for corruption. We do not tolerate systematic corruption within our rank and file.



  1. Raymond Laka September 27, 2021

    I need copy of the Whistleblowers Act 2020, please…

    1. pngsun November 19, 2021

      SOrry, we do not have one. Please, visit their website.


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