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PORT MORESBY: The National Isolation period ended on Monday but the Covid-19 awareness and enforcement operations in the city will continue.

This is a statement from NCD Provincial Pandemic Controller Bernard Kipit. https://www.thenational.com.pg/military-police-to-conduct-covid-19-awareness-in-city/

Mr Kipit, who is also the City Manager, said as of today the country recorded 10,197 Covid-19 positive cases with a total death of 91.

Port Moresby City Manager Bernard Kipit

Of that, NCD topped the tally with 4,123 cases and 61 deaths, he said. https://pngsun.com/amp/2020/04/14/second-covid-19-positive-case-in-papua-new-guinea-recovered/

He stated the schools reopened on Monday 19th, April 2021 but the community transmission is surging.

As a result, he said, the multi-stakeholders engaged in the operation will maintain the awareness and enforcement in the city. That means National Pandemic Orders are still in force.


NCD Pandemic Controller is calling on city residents and other people from neighbouring Central and Gulf provinces to keep observing Covid-19 protocols.

He said removal of illegal vending at public places and loitering are also effective measures to combat the spread of virus.

NCDC Urban Safety and regular police officers getting rid of illegal vending stalls as part of Covid-19 measures and actions which are necessary to reinforce enforcement of these illegal activities.

“Covid-19 measures and actions are necessary for us to reinforce enforcement of these illegal activities. We are not going to allow the public to continue with their illegal activities. The activities cause unhygienic and social problems which disturb peace and harmony in the community,”

City Manager, Bernard Kipit

NCDC Urban Safety officers getting rid of illegal vending stalls as part of Covid-19 measures and actions which are necessary to reinforce enforcement of these illegal activities.

Additionally, they will continue enforcing other protocols comprising of face masks, hand sanitizing, social distancing and self-isolation, he said.

He said the Covid-19 virus is here to stay so the protocols should become part of our lifestyle.

The National Road Transport officers will maintain conducting roadblocks at the usual locations. The road blocks will ensure passengers and owners of PMV buses, Taxis and other vehicles fully mask, sanitize and ptactise social distance.

A Military police officer checking to ensure Covid-19 measures are adhered to inside the bus.

Mr Kipit said what they were doing was critical to ending or reducing the pandemic.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop commended the people for cooperating with the operations teams in the last four weeks, urging them to continue their good behaviour. He extended his commendation to the stakeholders for a job well done as well.


Kids going to school with face mask at Unagi.

The behaviour and coorporation of the public will help to end the pandemic. The medical team will only help to cure for those who get infected. That is why we must continue our efforts and the public must continue to cooperate.

“We cannot slow down the operations yet until we get advice from the health officials. In the meantime, we maintain our grounds especially at Unagi, Manu, Waigani, Hohola and Gerehu,”

Hon. Powes Parkop, NCD Governor

Governor Parkop reported positive updates on the operations from medical officers.

It is good to show we have some progresses so people can continue to cooperate. According to my brief, we have reduced transmission from 50 percent to 30 to 40 percent. The goal is to reduce below 5 percent and the non pharmaceutical actions are most critical to ending the pandemic,”

Governor Parkop

Former Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi said the resumption of schools saw more movement of people, especially children with their parents. 

In addition, Mr Turi said this has become a huge challenge for them.

Turi is a police liaison officer appointed by the Police Commissioner to provide technical and policy support to NCDC Reserve Police and Enforcement Unit.

NCDC Urban Safety Director, Paul Komboi said they will readjust their operations plan to deal with the situations on the ground to make sure city residents comply with the Covid-19 measures.


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