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The Cabinet has approved a military callout operation in the Highlands Region, including Hela, to contain national security threats before the looming General Elections.

Police Minister, William Gogl Onglo said this today when announcing  the deployment of security contingency teams to Hela as of yesterday in light of the current situation.

He said a Mendi-based Mobile Unit was not only deployed yesterday. An additional Mobile Unit based in Mt Hagen was deployed today as well.

The Minister also strongly condemns the killing of reservist officer by the criminals.

“I do, in strongest term possible, condemn the attack by the warlords and eventually the killing of a reservist Police Officer.”

“We need to respect the rule of law and maintain our conduct as responsible citizens but these barbarians feel they are above the law and can take the life of an innocent policemen who was just doing his job”

The incident was understood to have stemmed from a gun battle between police and men from Kupari village when Policemen from the Mobile Squad 9 unit went to Kupari village for a peace mediation.

The National Executive Council in its meeting today endorsed for early security operations in the entire region leading up to 2022 National General Elections.

Minister Onglo said the security team comprising of both Police and Military personnel would patrol the region including Tari to help contain the situation before things gets out of hand.

He also noted that some mobile squad units from other centres were on their way to Tari in light of the incident.

“We (Government) had a quick cabinet meeting today and I asked for an early call out operation to include the Military and it is approved,” says the Minister.

” All the security forces are being mobilised as we speak to patrol the entire highlands region” added the Minister

“We want to see investigations and arrests, we want law breakers and warlords to be dealt with the full force of the law. We must contain the lawnessness.” stressed the Minister.

The Minister concluded by saying with the NEC approval for a call out, both the Police and Military will work hand in hand to curb lawlessness as well as gearing up for the security operations for the National Elections until Dec 31, 2022 under the Election Security Operations Budget.


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