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Namatanai MP, Walter Schnaubelt has decided to break the silence on calls for his investigation in relation to forestry levy allegations.
In his response to a news link on a WhatsApp forum, Civil Aviation Minister said: “Here’s (are) appropriate authorities in place for you to use at liberty where you can present all your evidence to so the truth can prevail. I will not stand in the way.
“Why go tru (through) the effort in abusing parliamentary privileges to air misconceived story of corruption against me n (and) that same day Opposition Leader (OL) BN (Belden Namah) circulated (it) in social media the OL’s letter that was read in parliament by the OL?” he said.
“As I understand, that’s against the parliamentary privileges rules especially after a statement is read in Parliament, it becomes the property of Parliament, not social media?
He queried why was he trialed in the public domain, saying: “There’s no credible evidence against him?”
Minister Schnaubelt continued that Sir Julius Chan and Mr Namah had ‘suddenly become besties’ after the Sandline Crisis.
What’s happening here? Is this their attempt to unseat me as MP Nti ( for Namatanai by mud slinging lies n (and) hope they stick so this elections Byron (Chan) can return as MP n (and) I can no longer be nominee for NA party leadership of which I have no control over coz (because) it’s the NA parliamentary wing that ultimately decides after the General Elections, not me.
Pls (please) someone explain what’s happening here coz (because) as a first termer, I’m not sure if I’m reading this political play correctly or not, n (and) I do apologize for any inconvenience caused due to my first term naivety.
The Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Belden Namah brought the matter to Parliament in a series of questions to Prime Minister, James Marape.
Namah sought Parliament’s blessing to table the evidences but he lacked its support. He wanted the PM Marape to set up an investigation against his former Forestry Minister (now new Minister for Civil Aviation). PM Marape urged Namah and other interested parties to follow proper process of investigation, saying those evidences levelled against the minister should be lodged with appropriate authorities.

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