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Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch will be facing the Leadership Tribunal which he has been challenging in court for over a decade.

Pruaitch is now serving as the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Marape-led coalition Government.

Additionally, he is the leader of National Alliance Party, one of the major coalition partners in the Government.

The much-delayed Leadership Tribunal suspended him from office on full pay today. Read more: https://news.pngfacts.com/2019/12/png-foreign-minister-pruaitch-to-face.html?m=1

Thus, Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika made this announcement in a media release this evening.

Justice Salika appointed the tribunal following a request made by the Public Prosecutor Mr. Pondros Kaluwin.

It got its validity under section 27 (2) and 27 (7) (e) of the Organic Law on the duties and responsibilities of Leadership.

Honourable Justice Nicholas Miviri will head the tribunal.

In addition, the other members comprise of Senior Magistrates Mr. Michael Apie’e and Ms. Nancy Lipai.

Thus, it will commence its enquiry on a date to be fixed.

The Tribunal will enquire into allegations of misconduct in office by the MP.

In 2009, the Ombudsman Commission referred him to the Public Prosecutor.

He was the Minister for Treasury and Finance then.

Meanwhile, Pruaitch is the second MP from his Sandaun Province being suspended from duties.

The first is Vanimo-Green MP and Opposition Leader Belden Namah.

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