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Road is a foremost development pillar before vital government services like education and health can reach the people. 

Connecting road networks enables the flow of every other basic service to communities.

Road development empowers them to engage in meaningful socio-economic activities.

Additionally, they become productive members in society.


In line with this principle, Eastern Highlands Provincial Government yesterday launched a 10-kilometer road project from Matherson Bridge – Yauna.

The project costs  the government K500, 000.  It will take two months for completion. The road construction work will start today.

EHPG’s Business Arm Nokondi Investment Limited

The Provincial Supplies and Tenders Board awarded the contract to Nokondi Civil Works, has been awarded the contract.

The new road works construction company is a subsidiary of the EHPG’s business arm-Nokondi Investment Limited.

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu laucnhed the project yesterday.

Governor Numu said his government was back on track competing with the rest of the country in terms of development.

He said the breakdown in the system of governance in past years had resulted in people not seeing the flow of government services.

“I ensure that the government systems are in order. Thus, we channel services through this government system to reach you, the simple people,” he said.

Governor Numu highlighted a few with vested interested improperly mismanaged the business arm in the past years.

Numu’s administration duly registered Nokindi Investment Limited with a bank account.

Additionally, they settled all its debts and liabilities the company owed to service providers.

The provincial government company now has qualified and experienced professionals from various backgrounds.

The company’s books are now in order and will serve the best interest of the people.

Further, Numu said minor road contracts awarded to most local companies last year did not deliver the projects to expected standards.

Hence, he said, it was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

He said whatever company his government entrusted to deliver projects should fully complete  them so it benefits the people.

Budgetary Allocation for 2020

EHPG this year will be rolling out K33 million worth of projects on road and building infrastructures.


Numu is adamant that the current team in place will deliver EHPG’s key priority agendas for the people of Eastern Highlands.

As a result, the outcome envisaged will improve the province’s development index to be amongst the top-five developed provinces in PNG.

To achieve this, he has placed all PEC Chairmen in their respective public sector divisions.

The divisions comprise of education, health, natural resources, civil works, commerce, planning and others.

“They will report directly to PEC and Chairman.

“Based on this, we will make executive decisions to better empower each public sector division to deliver to our people.”

Governor Numu also announced the Kosafayufa Community School at ward 4 of Gahuku LLG in Goroka District will receive K200, 000.

The funding is for additional teaching staff and building infrastructure.



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