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The 40-year old East New Britain woman has recovered from isolation while being on medication at her Raluana village.

She was tested Covid-19 positive in her province days ago. The first case recovered as well in Australia.

Deputy State of Emergency Controller Dr Paison Dakulala announced it yesterday when updating the nation.

PNG Loop, an online news agency, has reported Joanne Schulze, was emotional after receiving news of her second test result.

“That was my biggest worry; sitting and waiting for my contacts’ results.”

“I was very much relieved and grateful to God that they hadn’t contracted it.

“My test came out negative, and I believe in the professionals that have handled my second test. I now await my third test results; they were taken today (April 13) so hopefully in the next days or couple of hours from now, we should have the results back.

“I’m positive that we will have a good outcome and I’m positive that I will come back negative.

“All I want is for people to stop living in fear and I hope that our respective authorities can study my case and they’d know how to go about managing COVID-19, if any other cases are confirmed.”

“The psychological abuse – it is something I wouldn’t wish on anybody else,” continued Schulze.


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