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Prime Minister, James Marape has urged the people of rural Usino-Bundi in Madang to use their brand-new sporting complex to also promote agriculture, SMEs and second-chance education.

He made the call at Walium Station in Usino-Bundi on Thurday (March 17 2022) when opening the magnificent Usino-Bundi Sports Stadium funded by the District Development Authority (DDA) under the leadership of Pangu MP and Education Minister Hon. Jimmy Uguro.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Madang Governor Hon. Peter Yama, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Hon. John Simon, Higher Education and Sports Minister Hon. Wesley Raminai and Minister Uguro.

PM Marape also kicked off the Prime Minister’s Cup Competition (soccer and rugby league) to be played at the new stadium, launched the Free Education Policy and did the groundbreaking for the new DDA office complex at Walium.

“This stadium must not only be a place to play rugby, soccer or basketball,” he said.

“I want our young sportsmen and women to also link themselves to second-chance education, to cocoa and vanilla.”

PM Marape said the World Bank’s latest economic update highlighted the importance of agriculture to grow the PNG economy.

“More importantly, land is in the hands of people in the villages,” he said.

“If this land is used, and the Government focuses on agriculture, all citizens will enjoy a higher standard of living, more people will pay tax, more people will pay for goods and services and the country will grow and grow.

“Our future looks bright, however, it all depends on today’s generation going back to the land.”

PM Marape said the Government was not only talking, but putting money into agriculture, as exemplified by its Price Support Programme.

“We are supporting all agriculture commodities, so if the world price goes down, the Government prices kicks in to ensure that your hard work on the land is fruitful,” he said.

PM Marape asked Minister Uguro and his Usino-Bundi to use the new stadium as a distribution point for cocoa, vanilla, coffee, coconut and other crops; an SME incubation centre; and a place for continuing education.


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