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Enforcement officers from the National Capital District Commission will continue enforcing proper fencing policy in its bid to improve the city’s image and landscape.

Under the City Manager’s 10-point plan, the operation to remove Razor Wires and Colour Bond fences of properties located along two and four-lane roads, is still effective.

City Manager, Bernard Kipit said removal of razor wires and colour bond fences (Kapa fence) was completed at Gerehu and Hohola Suburbs, adding it will be replicated in 9-Mile and other suburbs this year.

He said all properties owners had been notified of the breach of the NCD Fencing Policy.

Mr Kipit said NCDC would will assist with proper fencing on the spot if needed.

Responding to property owners’ concerns on safety and security risks exposed when their illegal fencing structures are pulled down, he clarified that they should not mix policy and planning matters.

NCDC, he said, upholds its legal mandates on planning and development matters to ensure residents comply with planning and building matters.

And that, he calls on affected property owners to cooperate with his enforcement officers.

The operation aims to achieve:

1. Fencing to contribute positively to the public domain;

2. Address graffiti

3. Fences to complement and conserve visual character of the streets and neighbourhood whilst providing security for the property owners, and;

4. Fences to respond to the architectural character of the streets and/or area and the building that they front, with streetscape character maintained on all the street frontages.

Fencing structures, he said, that are acceptable and proper are picket fencing, atlas steel and concrete fencing.

He encouraged all titled property owners to seek prior planning approval of the NCD Physical Planning Board before erecting fences or any other structures for that matter.

City Manager warned that they would be demolished should property owners fail to comply with it.


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