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Port Moresby’s 4-Mile Suburb hosted the first successful NCD SME Fair over the weekend. https://pngsun.com/2021/07/19/women-girls-led-smes-supported/

60 vendors (market mama) participated in the fair with hundreds of city residents and corporate support on Saturday.

The event, backed by the National Capital District Commission, the SME Service Centre and the Active City Development Programme, is one of Governor Powes Parkop’s initiatives. That is to reboot the SME and informal sector, which has been lagging behind in terms of performance, skill-sets and success stories.

 Governor Parkop said:

This is a platform to start a journey to achieve the national government’s target of 500,000 SMEs in PNG by 2030. Market is in our blood; it is our culture. But we need to move beyond selling just vegetables and buai.

He was speaking during the opening the NCD SME Fair at 4-Mile Works Compound.

In a passionate speech, Governor spoke of the way forward. “If we want greater control over our economy, we must learn to become successful businessmen and women. Enough complaining, enough blame-game. If we want to change anything, we must participate in our economy actively. We have started the SME Service Centre, and through that the NCD SME Fair. This is just the start and it is a humble start. Be patient. You have been trained and we see the results in your stall display, your attitude and the quality of products. Let’s not waste this opportunity and make the most of it.”

The NCD SME Fair had a special focus on training, upskilling and empowering the ‘market mamas’ of the Garden Hills community.

After an intensive 2-week training, the results were for all to see. The stalls provided by NCDC were brimming with colour, tradition and culture – with a fantastic product variety on display.

Hand-woven bilums, clothes, jewellery from bush material, paintings, fresh produce, PNG cuisine were celebrated at the fair. As Governor Parkop and Member for Moresby South Justin Tkatchenko took a tour of the NCD SME Fair, vendors proudly showcased their potential.


Lina Etege, one of the vendors, expressed her gratitude at the opportunity to transform her business profile.

We had the talent but not a platform to grow. Then, the SME Service Centre identified, trained and motivated us for the NCD SME Fair. We have learnt so much in the last few weeks. Now we are thinking of ourselves as SMEs and entrepreneurs. We are thinking big, and dreaming even bigger.

Women’s Micro Bank and Nestle presence at the NCD SME Fair came as a strong endorsement for the vendors and the effort to support them.

There was live entertainment by the community youth as well as the ACDP volunteers.

The enthusiastic crowd cheered the traditional and contemporary dancers, kickboxing and yoga performances, while children enjoyed a weekend on the bouncy castle.

The NCD SME Fair will be a monthly event, and will not just promote the city’s SMEs but also upgrade them with training and financial assistance.


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