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Garden Hills community in Amazing Port Moresby is all set to host the first NCD SME Fair, an effective avenue for growth and success for emerging businesses.

With the combined force of Governor Powes Parkop, NCDC, NCD SME Service Centre and the Active City Development Programme backing the initiative, the monthly event aims to train, promote and support the local SMEs across the city.

The first provincial government-backed SME Fair will be held on July 31, with 60 vendors participating and a product range of fresh produce, food, handicraft, clothes, and jewelry. In the past 2 weeks, there have been awareness sessions conducted by the organizers to ensure that the Garden Hills community understands the significance of the opportunity.

In one such interaction with the vendors and the residents, NCD Governor’s First Secretary Ms. Immaculate Javia highlighted that having access to financial services and learning the basics of money management is one of the priority areas identified to lift SMEs in Port Moresby.

“Our track record shows that a majority of the SMEs cannot sustain themselves, and it comes down to lack of support services. With a collaborative partnership, however, this is going to change.”
NCDC Markets Division has been tasked to coordinate with the “market mamas.”

Officer Kay Kaugla is leading the charge.

“We are here to work with you, and make your dream bigger, by imparting the right knowledge, financial support and a big platform for sales,” Kaugla said.

In addition to promoting the SMEs, the NCD SME Fair will also provide wholesome family entertainment to visitors, with dances, songs, acrobatics and more planned by the volunteers of the Active City Development Programme.

ACDP Director, Fazilah Bazari said that this is also an important stage for showcasing talent and  potential of the community.

“This is an inclusive event – which means that we want to provide an opportunity to young children and the youth to express themselves positively. Through this engagement, the young population of the area will earn trust, respect and be a change for tomorrow.”

Addressing the community, youth representative Hans Mark said: “Youths and kids shouldn’t be ignored, we are part of the society and the development and the transformation of the nation.”

The municipal body has also taken an innovative approach to create dialogue between the city residents and their various divisions, by setting up information and feedback booths. With representation from the Waste, Health and Education divisions of NCDC, residents can find easy and convenient access to raise their concerns with the city administrators.

The vision behind the NCD SME Fair initiative is to create opportunities for suburbs, both formal and informal, to be recognized as valued contributors to Port Moresby’s economy. At the end of the year, the SME Fairs will culminate into a Mega SME Expo.


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