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City Manager Bernard Kipit

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) is placing a city-wide liquor ban during the Queen’s Birthday on Monday 14th, June 2021.

City Manager, Bernard Kipit today (Thursday) announced this in a circular delivered to all licensed premises.

In honor of her Majesty, the liquor ban will be effective during this period only.  He said the City Hall would be closed, joining public servants throughout the country to honor the day.

Mr Kipit said Monday 14th June 2021, is declared a Public Holiday and liquor ban will be in force in NCD during the Queen’s Birthday. https://www.officeholidays.com/holidays/papua-new-guinea/her-majesty-the-queens-birthday

In addition, he said the ban would affect the following categories of the licensed premises.

  • Bottle shops/Store-Keepers;
  • Dealers;
  • Taverns; and
  • Public bars in Limited Hotels and Publicans

“However, we will allow exceptions for licensed premises,” he said.

They include:

  • Restaurant – Liquor to be sold to dinners and guests in conjunction with a meal.
  • Clubs – Restricted to members and their guests only.
  • Limited Hotels and Publicans – liquor to be sold and supplied to dinners, and their in–house guests only in conjunction with meal in dining area. Alcohol may also be served and supplied to in-house guests through room service only.

Normal business operations will resume on Tuesday 15th June 2021, he said.

We warn all operators that police will carry out surveillance operations during this period. Thus, premises found defying this notice, will be dealt with accordingly,” said Mr Kipit on the notice.

NCDC anticipates the co –operation of everyone concerned, he said. Related:  https://pngsun.com/2021/06/07/pngec-to-candidates-no-change/


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