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The New Ireland Government continues to empower its local level governments with the building of council chambers across the province.

The opening of Matalai Council Chamber building on Tuesday became the fifth one.

In a media statement released by New Ireland Government, it was not just a day of celebration for the people of Matalai. Also, it was an emotional one for the clan of the late Edward Pitili.

The English Queen honoured Pitili twice with an MBE, and now stands immortalised with his name on the Pitili Council Chamber.


Public servants, government leaders and others joint the people of Matalai and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan to witness the opening of the building. Villagers also came all the way from the Konoagil, Tanir and Nimamar LLGs to witness it.

National Alliance and People’s Progress Party politics has divided the province into factions.

The absence of host Matalai LLG President Augustine Topi and six other ward members is a testament to the political differences.

Raymond Wailik – Ward 2, Levi Tomau – Ward 3, Toilas Tamkas Ward 4, Obert Tonimong – Ward 8, Lawrence Minel – Ward 9 and Erick Toarikai – Ward 10 were not present to fulfil their duties as councillors. But, the show took place without them.

Sir J, councillors and other dignitaries inside the new council chamber. Photo: New Ireland Government Media.

However, councillors Aisoli Topiniel – Ward 1, Kawai Sian – Ward 5, John Pondrile and Sialis Demas – Ward 11 were present.

I am inspired by your new Chamber. It captures the high status of authority and governance. You are not only Councillors of your wards but are Law makers. You have the power of making Laws and oversee the proper implementation of those Laws for the good of our people. I want the people to realize that the office of the President and Ward Councillors and their roles and duties are legal under the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Governments. I believe our forefathers would have been proud to see this day and our future leaders and generation will inherit a grand Chamber to make good Laws for good governance.

Sir Julius Chan.


Sir J also took the opportunity to openly tell his people of his development aspirations for the area.

In addition, he pointed out where the market area his government would build. That is all within close proximity to the Tinkoris Hospital and the Pitili Council Chamber.

Students assembling during the chamber opening. Photo: New Ireland Government Media.

Works Manager Solomon Pela called on the people of Matalai not to deny that they are blessed. That is with an abundance of development right at their doorstep.

“Matalai, Namatanai, New Ireland open your ears and eyes. You are fortunate to have a visionary leader like Sir Julius Chan. Sir J formed this country and thought of you long before you were born. Do not take his leadership for granted. I have gone around this province implementing his big impact projects. I can tell you for a fact that the New Ireland Government has done a lot,” said Pela.

Provincial Administrator Lamiller Pawut could not make it due to duty travel obligations to Kupiano in the Abau.

Celebrations of the Opening of the Pitili Chamber Matalai Local Government continued late into the evening. That was with Choirs and Cultural performance from all over the Namatanai LLG.


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