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The Morata Road upgrade and resealing from Matabudi Road to Talapia Street reached completion this week.

National Capital District Commission (NCDC) engaged two contractors- Garrett Construction and Mobile Works Limited for the project.

The road measured 2.7 kilometers. Mobile Works Limited first completed 1 km road from Matabudi road to Talapia Street recently.

Parts of Matabudi Road upgraded and resealed by Mobile Works Limited.

Garrett Construction Limited also completed resealing the remaining 1.5km Talapia Street on Tuesday.

Project Manager Fitzgerald Bob said despite the completion of resealing, they still have 400 meters of Morata 4-City road.

Additionally, he said that was to upgrade drainage, patch and do 30 mill overlaying to conform the existing road with the newly-resealed road.

Upgraded and resealed Talapia Street in Morata

NCDC funded the projects from PSIP fund under the NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s Suburb and Settlement Improvement Initiative.

Governor Parkop said his vision was to see development of hotels, hair salons, restaurants, internet cafes and supermarkets in Morata Suburb.

The issues of traffic jams, dusty and bumpy rides in the Morata Suburb will now become a thing of the past.

Scope of the work covered drainage, footpaths, asphalt sealing and drive ways as well as street lights.

Governor Parkop urged residents to report to NCDC if the roads in their street needs upgrading so the Commission could look into.


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