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NCD local health authority today (Friday) condemned the buildings, which house the newly-created National Energy Authority at Gordons, unfit for human occupancy following a health investigation.

That means NEA management will have no option but to vacate and relocated the buildings forthwith with its 30 officers.

Enforcing Sections 12 and 13 of the Public Health (Sanitation and General Regulation Chapter No 226, local health officials were onsite this morning and served the notice of condemnation and eviction on the top management.

When a formal complaint was lodged this week, the local health authority swiftly conducted the investigation and found notable defects in the buildings.

Defects include ceiling cracks and falling apart, wet floors due to leakages, broken walls, exposed electric wirings, poor ventilations and roofing irons were old and worn out; thus, posing a serious concern of public health and fire risks to elite workers occupying the building.

Abraham Keple, environmental health officer, said to avoid unforeseen health implications in future, NEA management needs to take tougher actions.
The investigation recommended that:

1. All occupants of the said building are instructed to vacate the premises forthwith upon date (today) this notice was served or received;

2. All staff must be immediately relocated to a new office building and normal operations resume;

3. The said building must be pulled down completely to ensure the vicinity is cleared and safe for staff movement; and,

4. Local Medical Authority declares this building condemned and unfit for human dwelling.

Public health grounds have justified the condemnation and eviction, he said.

He added that no formal renovations were done to the facilities since 1992.

Keple’s colleague Mathew Laba said they were implementing the public health law and NEA should comply with it.

Welcoming the condemnation and eviction notice, acting Managing Director for NEA, Vore Veve said they would comply with the recommendations.

William Bussil Junior said they duly took note of the health risks, adding they stood ready to vacate the buildings.

He is the executive manager for Legal and Compliance unit of NEA.

He said it was important NEA avoided serious risks and liabilities to protect government assets and lives.

“We have been ready. We have made preparations to vacate the buildings,” he said.


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