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Gerehu Suburb has undergone a construction boom in road infrastructure under NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s Suburb Upgrade initiative. 

Gerehu is Port Moresby’s biggest Suburb.

NCD Governor’s Suburb Upgrade initiative has benefited other suburbs in the city as well.

City Sivarai Facebook page stated that is not to say the spotlight was only on Gerehu. City Sivarai is a flagship publication of the municipal government.

Despite financial resource limitations, it said, all other suburbs have seen services delivered as well. 

In addition to this, the four-lane road construction at Gerehu is well underway and on schedule. https://postcourier.com.pg/major-road-development-under-way-in-the-city/

The latest road project is the rehabilitation of Turamana Avenue at Gerehu Stage 3B as Red Hills. Global Construction Limited is rehabitating the road.

Red Hills is a home to public servants, private sector employees, business persons and political leaders, and their families.

Road construction site at Red Hills.

Further, NCDC has rehabilitated and sealed almost all other street roads. The development has improved the street landscape. Thus, the residents are comfortably and happily using them.

Koreken Levi, a resident and former senior public servant, has commended Governor Parkop, NCDC Board and the management for a job well done.

We are very happy at last that portholes will now become a thing of the past. Our vehicles have been subject to wear and tear. But, we are very impressed now. We want to convey our appreciation to Governor Parkop and his team for the job well done. Gerehu is coming up to the next level in road infrastructure.

Mr Levi

Meanwhile, Governor Parkop urged residents in other suburbs to report deteriorating conditions of their street roads as well. https://pngsun.com/2021/04/22/ncdc-to-stop-revenue-cut/


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