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NCD Governor and Board Chairman, Hon. Powes Parkop yesterday joined Prime Minister James Marape and others in congratulating member-elect for Moresby North-West, Lohia Boe Samuel. https://pngsun.com/2021/06/24/new-member-expected-in-moresby-northwest/

Governor Parkop said: “Mr. Samuel’s overwhelming victory should be a beginning of a new era for the better. For more than 20 years, elected members of Moresby North-West have been working in isolation, instead of collaboratively.

NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop

Rising up to the challenge, we intervened with socio-economic projects in the electorate to improve the livelihood of the people. And a lot still needs to be done in North West. Those include lifting the villages, ending settlements, improving and extending health and education facilities, improving security and providing more opportunities for young people which needs combine efforts and attention.

Governor Parkop.

Governor Parkop also congratulated everyone else who contested the by-election.

He reminded everyone that there are no failure in life:

“Only lessons that we can learn.”

In any race, he said, there is always one winner and for the by-election is no different.

Mr. Samuel’s win comes at the time when Governor Parkop and Motu Koitabu Assembly are working in collaboration to improve the lives of the Motu Koitabu people.

He said under his Motu Koita Modernization initiative, major developments have been delivered including clean water projects, Boe Vagi Road and Hanuabada Market project. We need to extend these initiatives to the other villagers including the new health Centre at Metoreia, Hanuabada. We will continue this good working relationship for the benefit of our people.

“Our NCD Board welcomes the new member-elect for MNW on board. We are looking forward to working with him in the next eight months before the next elections,” he said. https://postcourier.com.pg/marape-now-is-the-time-for-motu-koitabu-son/


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