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2021 National Protected Areas Forum

PORT MORESBY: #AmazingPortMoresby hosted the two-day National Protected Areas Forum as part of the events and activities planned ahead of the World Environment Day celebrated on June 5, 2021.

Governor Parkop, Minister Mori, UNDP’s Dirk Wagener with attendees of the National Protected Areas Forum.

The Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), UNDP and CCDA jointly organized the event. The forum will be a mechanism for sharing experiences, insights and build collaboration amongst all stakeholders in the battle against climate change.

Students singing PNG National Anthem before the forum opening.

Call for Generational Restoration

Opening the first national forum, NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop made a passionate plea for concrete action.

“This is not just a local agenda; neither is it a national agenda. This is a Global Agenda. It is incumbent on all of us to do something today. If we fail now, our children are inheriting a dire future.

Forum in session

 Collaboration is very critical to the outcome of the event. We cannot mitigate or solve the Climate Emergency without collaboration. So far, NGOs have been working on their own, shouldering responsibility without government support. NGOs and the Government should work together. This is the only way forward.”

Minister Mori and Governor Parkop with heads of CEPA, CCDA and UN Agencies.

Additionally, he said this when speaking on the significance of the forum.

Further, from a global context, Governor Parkop emphasized that Papua New Guinea should not play a blame-game.

We have to stop blaming Europe, China, or any other industrialized country. We have to be higher than this, while still holding them accountable. Let’s meet them half-way because the climate emergency doesn’t care who is responsible and which country caused it. We will all face the consequences.”

Stakeholder booths during the forum.

Line-up of events and activities in honor of 2021 World Environment Day

Furthermore, Parkop, an action leader and a strong environment advocate, also welcomed the city’s residents to participate in the mega celebrations. NCDC and key stakeholders have scheduled these celebrations scheduled for June 5 at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium. https://www.pngattitude.com/2019/09/were-an-important-voice-parkop-tells-climate-summit.html

Our planet cannot wait; our children cannot wait. We need action today.”

Led by Governor Parkop and Minister Mori, dignitaries being ushered into the forum stage.

More so, NCDC is holding the event along with other stakeholders, including the Port Moresby Nature Park. Over 600 school children from 12 schools will participate in seedling planting, project exhibitions, and poetry. And this is under NCDC’s Amazing Port Moresby flagship Programme.

Further, a community dance, and fresh produce by vendors are some of the other highlights of the Programme. 

Governor Parkop speaking at the forum.

In addition to these, on June 6 for World Ocean Day, ACDP teams and communities will be participating in coastal clean-up activities across the city. https://pngsun.com/2020/04/07/plastics-a-menace-to-waste-management-environment/

Governor Parkop with students at Port Moresby Nature Park.

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