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A domestic waste contractor in the city has increased its existing fleet.

The new addition includes eight new rubbish compactors, one 22-tonne truck and seven 4-tonne trucks.

Motivating factor

It made the decision in light of population boom and city expansion.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop  commissioned the fleet today in the absence of two trash compactors.

Director for PNG WasteCo Limited, Dickson Samai said he purchased them from a K3 million loan from Moni Plus.

Current Fleet Strength

Additionally, Mr Samai said his company’s current fleet consists of five rubbish compactors and seven 4-tonne trucks.

Samai further stated that the new fleet will manage to collect 95 percent waste from the suburbs and settlements.

“Our new fleet’s total tonnage capacity is 50 tonnes. We do two trips per day at landfill. We manage 100 tonnes of domestic waste per day,” he said.

Governor Parkop commended the contractor for building its capacity to another level.

Visions of NCD Governor and NCDC

Governor Parkop said NCDC commits to making the city healthy, clean and improving hygiene of residents.

Further, he added that NCDC also commits to providing essential services like waste management.

The commissioning occasion, he said, was taking place in light of Covid-19 pandemic. He urged residents to subscribe to high values of health and hygiene.

Before the company NCDC engaged 12 years ago, residents filed complaints  on non-collection of waste from their homes, he said.

Remarkably, the 12-year partnership between the company and NCDC saw complaints  minimized, he said.

Mr Parkop admitted they were pushing the company to improve its services, citing open-back trucks transporting waste.

The company’s journey

“I am very pleased with their performance. We have been pushing them to improve their standards. I have even suggested to the company to go into partnership with foreign companies. We want essential services provided daily to high standards. The company has done just that,” he said.

Sadly, the population growth and the expansion of the city, he said, has placed huge pressure on waste management.

PNGWC collects waste from over 57,000 registered households in the city. The city’s total waste generation daily stands at 170.6 tonnes.

It has extended its scope of engagement to settlements under his Settlement to Suburb Upgrade project, he said.

Annual Budget and total waste generation

Parkop continued NCDC spends over K15 million yearly to cater for all groups of waste management.

“Moresby North-West accounts for a total household of 20,334 who generate 60.6 tonnes of waste daily. Moresby North-East Electorate daily generates 71.6 tonnes of waste by 23,904 registered households,” he said.

For Moresby South,  13,489 registered household generate 38.7 tonnes of waste daily.

Take note that the statistics here exclude the quantity of waste generated in the settlements.

Acting City Manager Ravu Frank said all other local companies should imitate this example from Mr Samai.

That is, he said, for them to compete equally with the foreign-owned rival companies.


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